Like fairies and flowers

    MUFE White Flash color (base color)
    Sugarpill Tako (lid, inner corner, highlight)
    Sugapill Poison plum (Purple lines on upper lid)
    MUFE Yellow flash color (inner corner)
    MAC Reflects Transparent Teal glitter (I still don't have Sugarpill Lumi :S)
    MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
    Dew Drop false lashes from Sugarpill
    Tiny viola flowers attached to lashes and lid with lash glue

    I'll post the older stuff at some point too, don't worry :D

Who's that bimbo?

    It's-a-me, Jangsara! :P

    Mainly I wanted to test out if I could do the "scene style" (correct me if I'm wrong here :D) hairdo with my red wig.
    And since I thought I did quite nicely with the wig, I had to do the makeup too ;P

    And I know, I over did the eyebrows. They were supposed to be heavy, but maybe not THAT heavy.
    But hey, I say it's lack of applying makeup, after summer I've got sloppy! :D

    UDPP as a base
    NYX Jumbo pencil Milk over whole lid
    Sugarpill Tako on whole lid + highlight
    Sugarpill Poison Plum, Flamepoint & Buttercupcake on crease
    Sugarpill Bulletproof on lower lashline
    MAC Blacktrack fluidline on upper lashline, lower lashline and waterline
    KKcenterHK lower false lashes
    Ardell 114 false lashes on upper lashline

    Lips are mix of Make Up Store Hot Pink liner and NYX Dollypink megashine lipgloss

    Colored contact: 3-tone green from Rainbow Lens (at least that's what the package says)
    Wig from eBay

Still alive (and a GIVEAWAY!)

    .. I guess that's the most used title after the writer has been away for a while. :P

    First I have to apologize that I've been  "gone" so long. I kinda found social life, enjoyed summer and friends, forgot to "paint my face" (mostly because it was too hot to even think about heavy makeup), fell in love with neutral shades.

    You know the feeling, when you have crossed the line, and you feel almost impossible to continue, because you're so ashamed that you haven't done anything earlier? I have that feeling.
    I really don't know what could I post that would make this up for all of you.
    Maybe I'm taking too much stress of this, but that's just the way I roll ;P

    I haven't forgotten you, and I promise to try my best to start updating my blog more often from now on.
    I finally found my long-lost inspiration to makeup, and I have a couple of step-by-step tutorials ready, as well as reviews and swatches too.

    Then something fun as an apology from me;


    • 2 MSCHIC lipglosses (NEW)

    • 1 MSCHIC eyepencil (NEW)

    • 1 MSCHIC mascara (NEW)

    • 3 MAC pigment samples (Later, Moonlight Night, 

    • The Family Crest) (NEW)

    • 2 Pure Luxe glitters (High Society, Glow Away) (NEW)

    • 1 Gosh effect powder (Paradise) (NEW)

    • 1 Michael Todd loose eyeshadow (Shark Key) (Swatched once)

    • 3 Loreal One sweep eyeshadows (Swatched once)

    • E.L.F. 100 color palette (NEW)


    1. First of all, you have to be a follower. If I don't find you in my "Readers" -list, I'll pick another winner. You can follow my blog using various methods.

    2. You have to leave a comment on this post telling me what's your ultimate makeup dream. It might be a product, look you'd like achieve, makeup related job, what ever! Use your imagination!
    I also appriciate if you spread the word about the giveaway, though you won't get extra entries. Only one entry / reader.

    3. Leave also your email address, so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner.

    4. I'll pick the winner with

    5. Contest is international so anyone can enter!

    6Contest is starting NOW and ending 30th of September at 11:59pm GMT.

    Good luck everyone!

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