Tigers in the pool


    This will be just quick update of my recent looks:

    My yesterday's look was blue, and done with Sugarpill Starling and Magpie:

    (Noodles don't quite suit me :P )

    And my today's tropic look with Ben Nye:

I'm the green fairy!

    .. as you can see, I am!

    This look was created with Sugarpill Absinthe, Sugarpill Junebug, NYC candy glitter liner Jade, and stargazer UV green glitter.

    And here's my yesterday's look:

    MUFE #41, MAC Handwritten, Sleek black, and OCC lip tar NSFW on lips.

    Then my order from Aromaleigh, three Indelible Paint Pots:


    NYC Cab:


    And swatches:

    There is just one thing I don't get in these.
    They are not eye safe. What's the point of these then? I assume that they are not very lip safe either, and the colors aren't the most fitting to lips IMO.
    Sure you can use them in body painting, but the size of the jar is too small for that purpose too.
    I guess I'm gonna go against rules and use these as base for eyeshadow. If I get some irritation or something, I'll of course stop using them, but anyway :P
     But they are a bit dry feeling, but still pigmented. Kinda feels like mousse more than a cream. They seem to stay put pretty well also. I'm just annoyed I didn't get the red one :S

    Then something complately else :D

    Every girl loves plushes, right?


    Well I know I do!

    Here's my new huggable sweeties:

    (No makeup, GASP!)

    I love them! I guess you can tell it just by looking the pictures :D:D

It's in your head.


    I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been afwully busy and all :S

    Buuuuut anyway, last saturday was Ropecon, Finland's biggest roleplay convention, and this year I decided to be a cyborgzombiethingie. Here's my makeup test run from friday:

    And here's the look from saturday ( perhaps not the best pic, but good enough to get the point :D)
    (Thanks Tanja for the picture!)
    So I had my teeth and hair and makeup, contact lens and big wound on cheek. 
    I had only one hour to do my makeup, attach extra parts, do my hair and get dressed, so the result wasn't quite as good as I hoped.

    And my friend wanted to go as a vampire, so I did her makeup too:

    Here's a look from friday, MUFE Aqua Cream #10, Fyrinnae Pyromantic Erotica and sleek black, if I remember correctly:

    Here's my sunday's coma look, done with MAC Dame Edna Wisteria eye trio:

    And here's my yesterday's look for atituderuiva, who asked me to do a look using matte pink and brown. This one is made with MAC Handwritten and Manl 120 palette pinks:

    I also have review and swatches of OCC lip tars and Aromaleigh Indelible Paint Pots coming, as well as other stuff.

    OCC lip tar review with LOTS of swatches can be found here:

All we hear is radio Gaga



    My today's look was basicly the same as yesterday, only green/blue/teal:

    MAC Greenstroke paint pot
    Gosh Green Fingers effect powder
    Sleek black eyeshadow
    Fyrinnae Hypercool loose shadow
    Make Up Store Gold Glow eyedust
    MAC Undercurrent pearl glide pencil

    Oh, and I gor my new honeybabe, MAC's Dame Edna Wisteria Eye Trio!
    Got from Beautyjunkie's blogsale <3
    The card board box is awesome itself! Glitterglittershinyshiny lilac <3

    "Love never loses sight of loveliness. That's why people love me. " - Dame Edna

    Here's the palette:

    I was afraid that this one would be chunky and hard to work with, but based on swatching this is actually quite nice to work with.

    Light pale blue. Quite pigment rich, but nothing special :D

    Divine Night:

    This one is a bit like MAC Pandamonium, only a bit more to black than silver:

    And swatches of all:

    My friend wanted me to style her to look like Lady Gaga, and here's the result:

    Full outfit:

    And closeup of her eye makeup, done by using Gosh effect powders:

    Tomorrow I'm gonna do at least one vampire look to a friend, so stay tuned!

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