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Tutorial: Glittering December

    Today I went to MUFE to spend my gift card I won from the Within Temptation contest.
    Here's my haul:

    I did a super glitttery look using two of my new babies (I'll do a review of these later):
    Diamond Powder 015
    Glitters #10
    This is so simple to do.
    Start with priming your eye:

    Then use black base, I used MAC Slick Black Greasepaint stick. The base should be a bit sticky, so that the glitter won't fall off:

    Then apply the glitter (you can use for example Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, or some mixing medium to attach the glitter, if you're afraid it'll fall off) :

    Add some highlighter to the brow bone, false lashes (mine are MAC #44 ) and I also added some silver liner (MUFE Aqua Eyes 8L) to the lower inner corner and waterline:


    And to really boost the look and to add even more shine, I added a hint of MUFE Diamond Powder #015 over the black glitter:

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