So, I was at the press release of MSCHIC's new Skunk Girl collection today.
    It was really warm and friendly event.

    The model for the campaign was chosen through finnish website IRC-Galleria, and judges picked 17-year-old Sara Kukkonen as the winner.

    MSCHIC's Skunk Girl is the world's first anti-smoking makeup collection, and here's how it looks like:

    And here's the winner's stunning photo, photographed by Marco Cavazzana and Morgan Norman. Their other work can be found here.

    And here's the Skunk Girl Sara, with finnish ex-top model Anne Kukkohovi, who was one of the judges:


    So, here's some pics of the collection:

    I also got a closer look of MSCHIC's KIDE products.

    "KIDE MSCHIC is a new and unprecedented Finnish eco luxury make-up series with a unique design and the world's purest ingredients together in a loving environment, in luxury wooden containers." 

     You know, there's real diamonds in them! :D

    They look just edible :D

    And about eating, there was yummy food!

    Then here's a pic of Anne Kukkohovi chatting with Marco Cavazzana and Morgan Norman:
    ( Look how cute the ears are! :D)

    And then my LOTD. I wanted to honor MSCHIC, and I made a look using their products:

    MAC Painterly p/p
    MSCHIC Gossip eyedust
    MSCHIC Blue Lagoon eyedust
    MSCHIC Hawaiji Blue Shimmer eyedust
    MSCHIC Chrome Green e/s
    MSCHIC Mint Frost Chocolate eyedust
    SMH Bee's Knees

    I actually put some nude lipstick over the darker one when I left home, so it wasn't that dark.

    Then while I was at Helsinki, I also hauled a bit :3
    Here my small haul:

    MSCHIC Cake Eyeliner Sealant
    MAC Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage
    MAC Painterly p/p
    Depend lash glue

    AND I got MSCHIC Mineral Miracle Powder, and MSCHIC lip gloss with pen.

    I have say a word about the lipgloss.

    It must be one of the best ideas EVER:

      It has both lip liner and lipgloss in it! How great is that? Wow! :D

    AAAAAAAND, one more thing:

    I finally ordered the new SMH palette, and I also ordered 28 pan neutral palette.


Your ocean pulls me under

    First I wanna tell that I LOOOOOOVE my Essie Matte About You -polish:

    It's absolutely AWESOME. I've been bored with all my polishes lately, but now I have discovered them all again, 'cos I can make all them matte!

    Here's my Nails of the Day, using Nfu-oh 130, Nfu-oh 047 and Essie Matte About You:

    I can definately recommend this for anyone who loves nail polishes :D

    Then to my yesterday's LOTD.

    I have this celebrity inspired makeup season apparently, so I tried to recreate Kristen Stewart's Allure Photoshootmakeup, this one:


    I wanted to use cheap makeup, so I desided to use just my NYX Pearl Mania's. Result wasn't as good as I hoped for, but.. Well, here it is:

    I know that the lipstick is too nude, and that NYX Nude wasn't the best choice for highlight, but anyway :D
    AND I guess this would be best with MAC Unsquare eyeshadow.


    NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
    NYX Pearl Mania Silver
    NYX Pearl Mania Nude
    NYX Pearl Mania Penny
    NYX Pearl Mania Walnut
    MAC Blacktrack fluidline
    MF FLE mascara

    I also did a tutorial of this look, but I'm not sure I want to put it online. I hate the bad quality of my video's, and also the really disturbing background. But I can't buy new camera, and I can't really move my webcam or my computer :(

    But anyway, I tried to do a hothothot makeup today, but it turned out little TOO hot:

    I used NYX Jumbo pencil Cherry, PureLuxe Charisma, Ben Nye Aztec Gold and Ben Nye Sun Yellow.

    So I wiped it off and made a sea inspired LOTD:



    I used Ben Nye pigments and UD Oil Slick.

    Tomorrow I'm going to Mschic SkunkGirl -collection's launch party, and I'm really nervous :D
    I'll do some kind of post of that as soon as I've recovered :D

Rihanna, -anna, -anna, -anna, -anna...

    Sorry, been busy again :(

    Anyway, here's my yesterday's makeup, MAC Rated "R" + MAC Emerald Green pigment:

    And here's my today's LOTD, mix of PureLuxe, MAC and Ben Nye:


    I so really, really want a new flash, so I could take decent photos again. I think everything I do looks horrible when I take a picture of it nowdays. )

    But anyway. I got inspired by Rihanna's American Award makeup, and I wanted to recreate it. I didn't came out as fierce as Rihanna has, but it'll do :D

    Here it is:

    And the tutorial:

    I also made an order to Beauty From the Earth, I'll be getting some funky new colors <3
    And.. I'm getting my first NARS eyeshadow... And my Smashbox eyeliner box... aaaaaaand...
    ummm.. Oh, I got myself supercute new container:

    It's barbie pink, because it's originally ment to be a storage for barbie dolls and their stuff.
    I decided to put some my makeup's in there and it works just perfectly <3

    But I have some pretty exciting stuff coming up next week, so stay tuned! :D

Too Faced Daisy


    Sorry about yesterday, I just didn't have anything to write about :/

    My yesterday's look was superneutral, as you can see:

    Unfortunately I have NO idea what I used. I guess the lighter shade is MAC Orb, and the darker COULD be MAC Off the Page. not sure though.

    The I also did an entry for MakeupGeek's Weekly Challenge, Colorful Daisy. I really wasn't inspired by the picture, and it really shows:

    I have to admit, that I like it at all. Well, I liked the "waterdrops" and the eyebrow, but that's all.
    So I re-created it today, and I personally think this is much better:

    Much better I think.Made with Ben Nye pigments, MAC Young Punk and MAC Heritage Rouge.

    But then to my LOTD:
    Sorta blast from the past, this reminds me of the looks I made at summer.

    But then good news, I got my Too Faced Liquif-eye palette!


    And swatches of the colors, and some of them with the liner thingy:

    And I had to try the lining thing, first there is Too Faced's own black, then Grimas matte white, then MAC Off the Page, then MAC Cranberry, then Grimas matte white again, and finally Grimas matte black:

    Summa summarum, the liner works.

    Then good news for all of you, I finally made a new YouTube tutorial!
    I've been asked to do a tutorial of the look I put to MakeupGeek's Idea Gallery:

    And here's the tutorial:

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