Tutorial: Vappu look

    In Finland, Walpurgis day (Vappu) is, along with New Year's Eve and Juhannus, the biggest carnival-style festival held in the streets of Finland's towns and cities. The celebration, which begins on the evening of April 30 and continues to May 1, typically centres on copious consumption of sparkling wine and other alcoholic beverages.


    So, here's a basic bold look that you can do, to make it wilder just add glitter or bigger falsies or something :D
    I chose to use pinks, but you can change the colors to what ever matches your mood or clothing or whatever!

    Products used:
    NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
    Manly 120 palette
    • 1. Darker Pink
    • 2. Matte Black
    • 3. Creamy shimmery White
    • 4. Neon Pink
    MSCHIC black pencil
    MSCHIC 3D mascara
    Marlliss 070 false lashes

    Eyeko Hot Lips liptastik

    Use your favourite eyeprimer to primer your lid:

    Use NYX jumbo pencil Milk to create light base to your shadows:
    Blend with brush or finger:

    Apply pink (or what ever color you want) to the middle of your lid:

    Apply black shadow to outer part of your lid:

    Then add some black shadow to your crease:

    Then apply white to your inne corner:

    Blend some neon pink (or whatever color you choose) to above your crease, towards the brow:

    Line your lower lashline and waterline with black pencil or gel:

    Add some color to blend the black edges (I used pink):

    Then line your upper lashline with black:

    Add some light color to highlight:

    Apply black mascara:

    And false lashes if you prefer:

    I added some glitter to really make the look pop:

Beauty, beast and Unforgiven


    I've had a crazy last couple of days :P

    I'll start with the purple rihinestone makeup I did couple days ago:

     This look was mainly done, because I wanted to show the nails I did:
     There fimo flowers, roses made out of cernit, glitter, rhinestones... <3

    Approximately a year ago I bought some feathers, and now I FINALLY made a look using them.
    This time I cut them in the wanted lenght,  and attached them with lash glue around my eye.
    My inspiration was owls, and here's the result:

    (Eye is photoshopped, not sclera lens.)

     I also took part to a contest, where the goal was to do a makeup inspired bt Within Temptation's new The Unforgiven album.
    I went the "easy way", and took my inspiration straight from the art of the album's cover:

     Well, it could have gone better. Pictures are great, model is great, but makeup isn't that good. But well, I'm not a huge fan of Within Temptation :P
    Photos by Petra Lönnqvist, model Iiris

     Model and photographer wanted to get their makeup done for the night, so I also took couple pics about girls preparing for the night out:

     And a picture I took of Iiris:

     I guess I have point out that the best place for animal fur is on animal itself.
    So please, leave the "fur is murder" comments away, I know it, I agree it, the fur collar isn't mine, and I didn't force the model to wear it. It was just there, and I took picture of Iiris with the collar.
    Treat it just as a picture, please.

    Finally, sneak peek of coming tutorial:

Collection of crazy looks


    Since I have nothing really new to write about, I thought I'd collect some of my latest "crazy looks" here.

    We all know that these are the ones I love doing the most :D

    This look was inspired by a look I saw in Dolores magazine, and I did it with Sugarpill makeup.

    I bought some gold nail foil from ebay, and created a golden look using it and sugarpill Goldilux. Eyes are photoshopped.

    I got small silver colored "nail beans" (I have no idea what they are called really) and used them to create this silver look.

    This was inspired by the photoshoot makeup, the frozen ghost thingie. Unfortunately the contacts made my eyes hurt so bad that I only got one decent photo of this look. Quite shame.

    My supercrazy colored flapper look! I don't know why, but I really kinda like this!

    Inspiration for this look was also found from Dolores magazine, and again Sugarpill was used to create this.

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    Nyx mega shine lipgloss swatches part 1 

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