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    Hola sweeties!

    I'm so excited, I just ordered two new wigs from Ebay!

    They are both blond/ white, I think they will be perfect addition to my wig collection ;D



    I'm also gonna give you a sneak peek to next tuesday's MSCHIC look. I will be posting also a tutorial of this look to my MSCHIC blog, so be sure to stay tuned for this:


    Then to my today's look.

    I wanted to make something a bit pin up-ish, so I came up with this:


    And guess what?

    You'll get a tutorial too!

    Here's what you need:

    MAC Painterly p/p (or primer of your choise)
    MAC Gesso e/s (or what ever matte white shadow)
    MAC Off the Page e/s (I really haven't met a dupe for this, sorry!)
    MAC Beauty Marked e/s (Black shadow will do also, or any dark shadow)
    MAC Blacktrack fluidline (or any black eyeliner)
    MAC #34 lashes

    As always, start with priming (is that a word?) your eye:

     Then add white shadow (Gesso) to your lid:

    Then dark shadow (Beauty Marked) to your crease. Try not to blend it too well at this point:

    Then Off the Page above the crease:

    Then add white shadow (Gesso) to your highlight. Also blend the Off the Page and Beauty Marked together better:

    Then it's time for the eyeliner. Make it sharp and  winged:

    Add Beauty Marked to halfway of your lower lashline, Gesso to inner half:

    Then add mascara, and the look is done!

    Then I added the MAC #34 lashes to bring more pin up feeling to the look:


    And full face:



    That's all again!

Pigmented peacock

    Hello everyone!

    I'm sorry I didn't write anything yesteday, I was shopping and I was pretty tired when I got home :3

    BUT, I'll try to make it up to you today!

    I'm not gonne give just ONE step-by-step tutorial, I'm gonna give you TWO of them!

    First look looks like this:

    MAC Painterly p/p
    MAC Heritage Rouge pigment
    MAC Copper pigment
    MAC Vanilla pigment
    MAC Melon pigment
    MAC Blue Brown pigment

    MAC Gesso eyeshadow
    MAC Blacktrack fluidline

    MAC #34 lashes

    And the second one is more fantasy styled, this is inspired by a peacock:


    MAC Painterly p/p
    MAC Teal pigment
    MAC Copper pigment
    MAC Chartreuse pigment
    MAC Melon pigment
    MAC Vanilla pigment
    MAC Deep Blue Green pigment
    MAC Smooth Blue technakohl
    MAC Blacktrack fluidline
    MAC #34 lashes
    Revlon  Blue Shadow lashes

    But before I go into tutorials. I', gonna show you my yesterday's LOTD, here's my (a bit boring) look from yesterday, I got a bit hurry, so I made a simple look with MAC Vintage Gold pigment:


    I went to Helsinki, and did a bit shopping.
    I bought MAC Gesso eyeshadow, 'cos I needed a pure white shadow.
    I also bought my first MAC lashes, no. 34. I wanted something, that would be wearable, but still heavily visible, so they were great for that purpose.
    I alse bought brandless fantasy lashes, MSCHIC SkunkLash mascara, Duo adhesive and Make Up Store eyedust Glory.
    And new colored contacts, Aqua Marine:

    Here are the fantasy lashes:


    And here's MAC lashes and the contact lens:

    Then, like I promised, the TUTORIALS!
    First my LOTD, look with MAC Copper, Heritage Rouge, Blue Brown and Melon:

    First you prime your eye. I used MAC Painterly paint pot, as always:

    Then add MAC Copper pigment to your whole lid:

    Add MAC Melon pigment to crease, from inner corner all the way up to brow, lower on the outer corner:

    Then add Heritage Rouge to the crease and to outer half of the lid. Create a sharp shape. Add also light highlighter, I used MAC Gesso e/s and MAC Vanilla pigment:
    Then add MAC Blue Brown to outline the Heritage Rouge. It doesn't really show in the image, but believe me, it gives a nice touch to the look:

    Then add Heritage Rouge and Melon to your lower lashline:

    Then the liner, MAC Blacktrack to both upper lashline and waterline:

    Then add mascara, and you're done!

    I then added my MAC #34 lashes to bring more glamour to the look:



    And full face:

    Then the tinyest bit of photomanipulation, I changes my eyecolor to bright blue, I think this look would look absolutely STUNNING with bright blue eyes:

    Then the peacock look tutorial!

    Again, prime your eye. I used MAC Painterly paint pot:

    Then add MAC Teal pigment to whole lid:

    Then MAC Chartreuse pigment to inner corner:

    Then MAC Copper to crease:

    Blend with MAC Melon pigment:

    Then add MAC Deep Blue Green where Copper ends, and add Charteuse above it:

    Blend colors together using Teal to Chartreuse and Deep Blue Green and Vanilla as a highlighter:

    Add MAC Deep Blue Green to your outer half of the lid and to your crease:

    Add Deep Blue Green to half way to lower lashline, Chartreuse to inner hald:

    Then liner. Black liner to upper lashline, I alse created double wing. I also used MAC Smoothblue technakohl to my waterline:

    Then the mascara:

    And the the falsies if you wish, and you're done!

    Oh, and I also did a small order to Aromaleigh. I ordered no more than ~70 baggies of eyeshadow samples :3 They were cheap and I just COUDN'T deside what to take, so I took almost everything :3 
    Oopsie :D

    I'm also planning a giveaway, if I can figure out what to give away :D

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