Gosh & NYX swatches


    This is just a swatch post, I was very productive today and swatched all my Gosh effect powders and NYX Pearl Mania loose shadows.
    So here we go:

    GOSH Effect powders, all I have:

    NYX Loose Pearl Mania, all available colors:

Winners, purple and Dior


    Finally I had the time to pick up the winners of my giveaway.
    Winner was chose randomly by using random.org, and this time the lucky one was....


    And suprise prizes go to:
    ze German: Maria
    I'll go to post office probably monday, I'll get your goodies sent out.

    But anyway, onwards to my makeup.

    Day before yesterday, before the Aguilera makeup, my makeup looked like this:

    Done with MSCHIC's Matte Mineral eyeshadow Light Lilac and MSCHIC's Prince eyeshadow.
    And Gosh Cabana Orange Jumbo lip pencil!

    Then my yesterdays look, classic gray smokey, and the very first time with DIOR:

    Paired wuth MAC Hue lipstick:

    Last I want to say hello to the spanish reader, who calls me for example ugly imbecile: Stop reading honey, if I annoy you that much :D

MUG look: Aguilera Marmelade


    Makeup Geek has again another weekly challenge, this time it's Christina Aguilera inspired.

    I've always kinda loved Aguilera's look in Lady Marmelade video:

    I admit that the hair is maybe a bit overdone, but anyway *g*

    So I decided to to do my version of the look:

    And close-ups:

    I was planning to put more rhinestones, but I coudn't more than those :(
    But it works fine like that IMO too.

    And I guess I'm not gonna put this into the contest itself, this was just for fun :D

    PS. I've picked the winners of my giveaway, I'll send mail to winners, but I'll do a post of winners too!

Twilight zone filled with rats.


    I'm 25 now :D Woop woop!

    No, I don't feel any different than yesterday, maybe a bit more tired but that's all :P

    So, today I had a glitterday, and I also did some shopping.

    But I'll star with my makeup.
    First I made a gold/black glitter look, but it didn't really work out in person, so this wasn't my official LOTD:

    Then I took MSCHIC's delicious Cocktail look book and Gosh Holographic Silver effect powder, and made this:

    And Gosh Darling on lips:

    Here's my today's shopping:
    - Gosh Jumbo Lip Gloss pencil 01 Cabana Orange
    - Wet'n'Wild Lipgloss
    - Lumene Natural Code Nail Laquer Salty Splash
    - We Care Icon Magnetic Eyes liquid eyeliner True Black 

    And my birthday present for myself, Dior Black Out Look set, containing Diorshow Black Out mascara and minipalette Twilight.
    This is my FIRST Dior experiment, I really try to figure out what's the whole point in all this Dior hype :D

    And quick swatches:

    And here's the Gosh lip gloss pencil:

    On lips:

    And Wet'n'Wild lipgloss

    And I have totally forgot to mention that I also bought MUFE's HD primer, I used it today and I still think MSCHIC's Face Canvas is the best primer ever:

    I've got an awfully lot of questions of my rats, and I decided to introduce you to my rats, both passed ones and current ones.

    I know this is mainly makeup blog, but I guess some furry friends fit in too. :D

    So, I'll start with my very first rats, Kahvi and Papu (Coffee and Bean).
    They were both boys, and passed away several years ago:

    Then I took two sweet little girls, Noki and Tuhka (Soot and Ash):
    Noki died couple years ago, she had a huge tumor, and Tuhka was euthanized early this year, because of high age and tumors.

    After Noki's death, we took Pippuri and Sokeri (Pepper and Sugar). Here they are just babies:

    And Sokeri now:

    (unfortunately I can't find a photo of Pippuri, she was adorable little fat rat. She was euthanized with Tuhka, again because of a tumor.)

    Then we took Teräs and Betoni (Steel and Concrete).

    Here's Teräs and Betoni as babies:
    This is Betoni now:

    And whole current gang:

    Go vote your favourite Lady Gaga look on Makeup Geek! Click here! (and no, I don't mean you have to vote me, but the person who deserves to win!)

    And I have some great news for my MSCHIC fans out there:
    "To celebrate the MSCHIC International Webstore, all shipments; international and domestic, are free this week. " Shopshopshopshop!

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