Photoshoot: Jewelry Magpie

     A while back I was doing makeup for a photoshoot by Petra Lönnqvist. We shot promo pics for the Finnish jewelry web shop Koruharakka.

    And here's some pic from that shoot:

    Photography: Petra Lönnqvist
    Makeup: Jangsara
    Models Iiris & Elisa

Tutorial: Broken Doll

    Still more Halloween looks... :D
    Here's a broken doll tutorial: 

    First use light/white base for your face if you want. Also put on your contacts, if you're planning to wear them. Mine are Diamond Blue contacts from

    Shape the broken areas with black pencil or such:

    Darken the broken areas so that they look 3d:

    Add blush, I used quite a lot to make the doll look. I also used nude eyeshadow to do a bit of shaping around nose and eyes:

    Then the eye makeup. I went with using black on the outer corners, but you can use what ever style you prefer:

    Then mascara and big false lashes, mine are from

    Then I added short lines under the eye:

    Finally do brows, lips and wig and stuff, and ready!

    Turquoise wig from kkcenterHK

Tutorial: MAC Twisted Sweet Savage facechart

    This is a tutorial based on MAC's halloween facechart:

    If you are pale, start with few shades darker foundation what you normally use:

    Start the mask by shaping the "ornaments" with light/white pencil:

    Then use darker pencil (light brown, brown) pencil to shade the ornaments:

    Use small brush to apply light brown or brown  eyeshadow to make the ornaments to pop more:

    Apply some light/ white eyeshadow to the the light parts to make them pop more too:

    Add more brown and white, until you're satisfied:

    Then apply eye makeup, I lined my eyes with dark brown pencil, and then blended them with dark brown eyeshadow:

    Finally I added mascara and lipstick:

    And the look is done!

Tutorial: Purple and bright green

    I finally made something I can show :D
    I've been struggling with my makeup lately, everything looks too bright or dark or slutty or messy, so I've been using a lot of just mascara.
    But here's something bright finally, enjoy!

    Look is done using Manly 120 palette:

    First of all, use primer, and then apply white base to whole lid:

    Then use a flat brush to apply the deepest green to outer corner:

    Then apply the bright green to the middle of the lid:

    Then the lightest green to inner corner:

    Use a crease brush to apply black to crease:

    Then apply purple(s) above the black:

    Then use light color to blens the edges and highlight:

    Add some black to crease with blending brush, so the edges aren't too hard:

    Then extend the purple to the lower lashline:

    Apply black liner to waterline:

    ..and finally to upper lashline too, and add mascara:

    Add false lashes (mine are Elise #201), and the look is done:

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