Cake is a prize

    Hello again everyone!

    I'm sorry I haven't really updated my blog recently, I've had so much stuff happening, like my birthday:
    Cake wasn't a lie
    I'll also been a bit ill, and I've slept a lot.

    I also took part to a Make Up For Ever's contest, where the goal was to do a makeup inspired bt Within Temptation's new The Unforgiven album. (I mentioned it in this post, where you can find the look that I did) To my HUGE surprise I was chosen as one of the three finalists!
    All of us finalist had to re-do the makeup in front of the judges (to make sure we hadn't used photoshop/we really had done the looks ourselves), and then the pictures of our looks were sent to Within Temptation's lead singer Sharon den Adel, who will choose the winner in the next couple of days.
    I did good job with my look, I got quite a lot of compliments (and some critique, but nothing really bad), and I also took some photos of the event BUT I forgot my camera to the contest place at MUFE. Hooray for me!
    So you'll have to wait for my pics a bit longer (I hope I'll be able to tell who won, and what place did I get), but here's a pic of the three best looks:
    Taken by Jonna@desplumesnoires   
    Taken by Jonna@desplumesnoires

    On the left there's Jonna's bullethole look, in the middle my look, and on the right amazing shatered mirror look (I unfortunately didn't catch the name of the makeup artist).
    One of us will win a trip to Paris, and others get MUFE stuff and Within Temptation stuff!
    But the biggest prize for me was to get to the finals. There was over 70 participants, and my works was one of the best three. I was also told, that my look was the favourite of the radiostation's workers, who were one part of the judges.
    So yay for me! :D

    But like I said, I'll get back to this subject when I'll get my own camera and know the winner etc :)

    Then some random makeup looks:

    Sugarpill Goldilux, Sugarpill Poison Plum, MAC Reflects Bronze, BeautyUK Purple Haze liner


    Some Gaga inspired...


    And today's look mainly to show my new head jewellery (is that even a word?) headdress I bought as a birthday present for myself:

Photogalore - Golden times


    Yesterday it was silver, today it is gold!

    And I haven't lost my touch with my camera yet!
    My friend Janita was visiting today, and I created this crazy look to her, it reminds me of Greek goddess, China, Mona Lisa, Reneissance and India, all at the same time! :D

    Photography: Jangsara
    Model: Janita
    Makeup Artist: Jangsara

    And just to show you how awesome my new reflector is, here's too shot's totally without photoshop (except for resize):

    And just because I really haven't shared pics of my kids lately, here we go :D

    I also took couple "nature" photos some time ago, maybe you'll get inspired by them or something :D

    Hopefully tomorrow some real makeup related stuff :D

Marry the Night

    .. I was born this way:
    ...maybe a bit crazy ;D

    Lady Gaga's new album is out, and I did a quick look inspired by Gaga.

    Heavy Metal Lover:
    Lashes are NYX #143 & FE113 ( and lower lashes are A021 ( On lid there's Gosh Steel & Holographic Silver, and silver nail foil.On brow there is ornament tape from craftstore :D

    Fashion of His Love:
    The Queen:

    On the Edge of Glory:

    Ps. You and I <3

Review+swatches: BeautyUK Pearl Liners


    Remember my hype about the BeautyUK Pearl liner a while back?
    I liked it so much, that I got myself the rest of the shades too!

    Eclipse, Sorceress, Purple Haze

    Blue Lagoon, Oceania, Stardust

    Stardust (again) , Sphinx, Rich Mahogany

    They are all the same quality, none is less pigmented, less wet or dry or anything. They all have almost phenomenal staying power, my swatches lasted two days (and two showers!) without taking almost any damage.
    Some may find it as a bad thing, I think it's great that it won't come off unless I wanted to go off. The only problem is that these are a bit too wet, so you may need to first draw a line, wait a moment, and then enhance the line with another stroke.

    + : I love the color selection, the tip is thin and sturdy enough, and they'll last almost anything.
    : Bit too wet, might need to layer them to get even color.


    True silver.

    True yellow gold.

    Turquiose, reminds me of Gosh's turquioise extreme art liner, but this on is paler, not so teal as the Gosh's liner.

    Not black, but dark blueish purple grey with multicolored sparkles.

    Rich Mahogany:
    On BeautyUK's website this looks more red, but in the real life this is beautiful warm shimmery brown.

    Dark beautiful purple.

    Blue Lagoon:
    Super electric blue.

    Purple Haze:
    Almost electric purple.

    These swatches won't really do justice to these, they are so bright and vibrant in real life! I hope I'll find time and inspiration to do some looks with these soon.

    Get them here:

Behind the scenes of Pippi Longstockin

    While Finnish hockey team was prepearing to WIN the gold medal, we had some fun with Pippi Longstocking / circus themed photoshoot.
    I'll share the official photos when I get them from the photographer, but here's some behind the scenes stuff and blooper pics for you!

    Things don't always go as planned...:

    ...the horse might want to go somewhere else...

    ..the balloons may want to go with the wind...

    I'm not really sure what's going on with these... :D

    Horse may want to eat some grass suddenly..

    Balloon placement - FAIL

    And sometimes even the models have to loosen up a bit:

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