Look! Looks!


    I'm sooo behind with my LOTD's :D
    So this is gonna be a post just about my recent looks :P

    I'll post my today's look tomorror, since I made it with my new MAC palette, Diana Eyes 2, which I absolutely adore. So look done with it and swatches coming tomorrow, as well as review and swatches of Eyeko's new nail polishes!

    But to my recent looks:

    8/30, Bare Escentuals look, with BE Chardonnay ,BE Hottie and BE Pussycat. I have a tutorial of this, I'll post it ASAP:

    8/29, MAC Push the Edge pigment, Sugarpill Poison Plum, Inglot Pure Pigment #84 and Illamasqua Alchemist liner:

    8/28 with MAC Woodwinked and Heritage Rouge (I made a tutorial of this too, I'm gonna post it soon-ish):

    8/27, Fyrinnae Dragon's Wing and Fyrinnae Dokkalfyr:

Gosh Fall 2010


     New GOSH collection is launching soon, and I googled some images of the upcoming fall collection:

     Next text is from danish (?) press release, and translated to english by Google Translator, so I don't know if there's some errors in the text. Try not to mind :D

     "Autumn offers a series of bright pastel colors as delicate pink, lavender, yellow and green with a mild contrast in creamy and metallic gray color - which will undoubtedly make our inner softness to step into character ... "

    FACE & BODY 

    Body Shimmer GOSH Body Shimmer Cinderella 001 is a loose metallic and shimmering powder that you can use on festive and special occasions or when you want it "perfect party look. Apply the shimmering powder on the arms, neck, eyelids, cheekbones - and do not forget cleavage - so you will sparkle and shimmer like a real star. 
    Natural Blush GOSH Natural Blush has a fantastic light and creamy texture and contains a unique combination of microscopic, color-saturated powder particles. Blusher also contains mica and ultrafine powder parts, which make affixing soft, perfect and silky and gives a beautiful and natural looking. Try our popular Color: Electric Pink No 39 


    Eye Shadow Quartet The two new GOSH Eye Shadow Quartets with built-in mirror and lights allow you to create an infinite variety of sophisticated looks. Using a single color to achieve a soft and natural look - use two to create contrast. If you want a more sophisticated contrast effect, you can use three or four colors. These two new shades, which can only be purchased for a limited time, available in a sleek, square case with built-in mirror and light - so they are to use and cause no matter where you are. The two new shades called: Vanity Pastels and Modest Liberty - they offer an infinite variety of shades and effects that can satisfy any need.

    (OMFG, there's tiny LIGHTS in the palettes :D)

    Effect Powder GOSH Effect Powder is a loose powder eye shadow with sharp metallic effect that can be used alone or with ordinary eye shadow as a highlighter. It can also be used as eyeliner with a brush and water, so you get an incredibly clear and intense color saturation effect. Available in the following colors: Doll No. 19 and Lime No 20

    Soft'n Shine Lip Balm GOSH Soft'n Shine Lip Balm with SPF 15th Is a super soft lip product that is partially transparent and has a hint of pearl and a slightly sweet scent of vanilla. This autumn, we focus on two beautiful, bright and intense colors: Barbie No. 30 and No. 33 Scarlet


    Nail Lacquer GOSH Nail Lacquer has a thin consistency, which makes it easy to apply. Nail lacquer dries quickly and gives a fantastic coverage. For this look is now available three new fine colors that can only be purchased for a limited period: Sweet Rose No. 589, Yellow Doll No. 590 and Silky Mint No 591

Gosh, swatches!


    I have several unfinished posts at the moment, so this one is gonna be review/swatch post, with no makeup pictures.

    So, some of you might remember my post about Gosh Gypsy collection.
    I ended up buying only one lipgloss pencil at the time, but now I found them to be on sale, so I bought both palettes and Gypsy Red lipgloss pencil.

    Here's the palettes first:

    Bohemian Gypsy     -      Modern Gypsy

    First Modern Gypsy:

    This is quite interesting color, it's grayish blue with a hint of purple in it. Pigmentation is OK.

    I assumed this one to be brighter, like lime, but this one is also a bit grayish, and almost matte. Pigmentation isn't that good.

    This is the best color of this palette. It's bright orange, a bit paler than MAC Off the Page, which is still my favourite orange.

    SHINY light blue, this one has the best pigmentation, maybe because it's the most shimmery of these.

    And swatches:

    Then Bohemian Gypsy palette:

    Silvery gray, similar to MAC Divine Night and MAC Pandamonium. Good pigmention.

    Pale red with good pigmentation.

    This is quite interesting shade, kinda pink, but still grayish purpleish and all. I kinda like this :D

    This is kinda like MAC Cranberry, but not so red, more this reminds me of MAC Heritage Rouge pigment.

    And swatches:

    Gosh Jumbo Lipgloss Pencil in Gypsy Red:

    Then something else, my newest addition to MAC Paint Pot family, Fresco Rose:

    Then Barbie loves Stila smudge pot in Purple Pumps, which I've been drooling over ever since I saw swatches of it online.
    So now I finally have it.

    Sure it's beautiful. Too bad the texture is so bad, that it's only usable as a base. Or al least I couldn't get it working as a liner. :/

    And last but not least, my new awesome shoes!
    I now it's almost september, and these are sandals, but they were on huuuge sale (-70%), so I bought these for next year <3

Ring, ring, win-win!

    Hi everyone!

    So I finally picked the winner of my birthday giveaway!

    I always feel kinda bad that I can't give something to all of my readers, but unfortunately I'm not that rich :P

    Anyway, random.org said the following:

    And number 137 was...


    Congratulations to her! And thank you all for participating!

    Then a small tutorial:

    How to make lips to look like this:

    First nude lips, just a hint of foundation/ powder on them:

    Then I line my lips with red pencil (even if it looks pink in the pic, it's really quite firetruck red). I used some brandless pencil, definately nothing fancy.
    Note that I don't fill the middle part of the lip with pencil:

    (Here the color shows up little better) Then I take black pencil. I usually use eye liner pencil, since i haven't found (nor do I really need) black lip pencil.
    I carefully line the outer corners with black, also blend the black in well, so the result is smooth.
    Again, do not put black in the middle of your lips:

    Then finally add lipstick/ gloss, I used Illamasqua's Intence Lipgloss in Perform :

    Then to eye makeup, here's my lately looks:

    This is from the Gaga tutorial I did for my MSCHIC blog:

    I changed the lipstick to Illamasqua Petulant:

    My yesterday's look was brown, I tried to do something celebrities wear on red carpet sometimes, smokey, but still kinda neutral:

    And today I finally wore COLORS.
    MAC Partylicious, MAC If It Sparkles..., Fyrinnae Biker Chic and Fyrinnae Parental Advisory:

    Then I had to go a bit goth <3:

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