Down Fall


    I had a bad makeup day today, and nothing I tried didn't seem to work out. Then I was asked to do a fall look, and I took a liitle bit of this and that, and loved the result:

    Closer look of the false lashes:

     And here's the look  without the falsies:

    There's bunch of different products:

    • Pixie Epoxy as a base
    • Trucco Angel Green (inner corners)
    • MUFE Diamond shadow #304 (middle of the lid)
    • MAC Reflects Bronze glitter (2/3 of lid)
    • Too Faced  Moon Beam (crease, UNDER Heritage Rouge, lower lashline)
    • MAC Heritage Rouge (outer corner, crease)
    • MUFE (Blush, used as eyeshadow)  #48 (above Heritage Rouge)
    • MUFE  #41 (to blend MUFE #48)
    • Trucco Angel Gold (highlight)
    On lips is NYX Apollo lipstick.

    Then something else:

    I got small package from Detrivore Cosmetics:

    And I also got few AWESOME lashes from Madame Madeline :

    Then some random looks from the past days:

    Gray liner (Illamasqua) with Detrivore Fortress and Kat von D Lucifer:

    MUFE #92, MAC Gesso and BE Soft Focus Style:

     Ummmm... I remember that the bracelet is from Avon :D I guess I have some Michael Todd Chick and MAC Handwritten:

    Urban Decay look, Maui Wowie, Twice Baked and Polyester Bride:

     Check out also my review on Tarte Lipsurgence lip stain from MakeupGeek:

    So, got any ideas on halloween tutorials?
    I'm planning a Cleopatra look, pixie/fairie look and possibly something else too!
    Let me know what you'd like to see!

Tutorial: Elvira

    The Elvira makeup tutorial is finally here!

    I did this look based on this picture I found from MakeupGeek:

    I know my look came out a lot brighter, than what Elvira has, but oh well, you know me ;D

    Products I used:
    NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
    Sugarpill Dollipop
    Sugarpill Afterparty
    Sugarpill Poison Plum
    Black eyeliner
    Blue eyeliner
    Flase lashes

    Sugarpill Dollipop
    Sugarpill Love+
    Sugarpill Flamepoint

    Illamasqua Faust

    Start with priming your eye, and do dark, edgy brows:

    Use NYX Jumbo pencil Milk as a base:

    Add hot pink  to inner corner, all the way up to brow:

    Then electric bright blue to the middle, again all the way up to brow:

    Finally pink again, to outer part:

    Then pink to lower lashline too:

    Extend the colors to continue to the forehead:

    Apply purple eyeshadow to crease:

    Line your lower lashline with blue (mine is almost black, I know :S):

    Do the rest of the lining with black liquid eyeliner:

    Fill out the lower inner corner with white (and wipe out the excess white base from lid etc):

    Line your waterline with blue (mine is *again* too dark, it looks black :S ):

    Add mascara:

    Then make the beauty spot under the eye, and use bright pink to do harsh blush "line":

    Mix some orange and red to cheeks too:

    Add red lipstick and false lashes, and makeup is done!

    Then just do the 80's hair, and voilá, Elvira has arrived!

    Any other ideas for Halloween makeup?

Tutorial: Colorful arab eye

    So here's the tutorial I promised for this look :

    (here's totally unphotoshopped (cropped) photo taken with my new phone, to show that I didn't cheat with the look :P)
    Products used:

    Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
    MAC Old Gold pigment
    MAC Heritage Rouge pigment
    MAC Vanilla pigment
    MAC Brash & Bold pigment
    MAC Push the Edge pigment
    MAC Reflects Bronze glitter
    MAC Cloudbound e/s
    MAC Naval pigment
    MAC Full Force Violet pigment
    Black liquid eyeliner
    Black gel liner
    White gel liner
    MAC #34 false lashes

    Start with priming your eye. I used Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy:

    Then add MAC Old Gold pigment to inner half of the lid:

    Then MAC Heritage Rouge to outer half of the lid (as you can see, this is awesome combo all by itself too!):

    Then MAC Vanilla pigment to inner corner:

    Then MAC Brash & Bold pigment where Heritage Rouge and Old Gold meet:

    MAC Push the Edge to crease and outer corner:

    Then here's two steps on one image:
    First, add MAC Reflects Bronze glitter to crease, and gently over the lid.
    Then add you favourite highlighter, I used MAC Cloudbound:

    Then upper lashline, I used Illamasqua's Precise Ink liner, but any black liquid liner will do:

    And lower line,with same liner:

    Apply MAC Naval pigment under the line you drew. You can add a hint of of MAC Full Force Violet to make it pop even more:

    Then white gel liner to lower inner corner, I used Inglot #76:

    Black liner (I used gel liner) to waterline:

    And finally mascara:

    And MAC #34 lashes to make the look perfect:

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