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    I want to wish a very happy New Year to all of my readers! And thank you so much for the past year, without you guys this blog wouldn't even excist!

    So please continue reading, so I can keep updating this!

    But this time I have something more special for you. I did kind of a New Year's party look, sorry it comes out so late. :/

    But still, here it is, I hope you enjoy!


    • MAC Painterly p/p
    • Ben Nye Silver
    • UD Oil Slick
    • Ben Nye Cosmic Blue
    • MAC Blacktrack fluidline
    • MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
    • Mascara
    • Small rhinestones
    • Glitter
    • False Lashes

    I first applied MAC Painterly paint pot on the lid and all the way up to brow:

    Then some silver eyeshadow. I used Ben Nye Silver  pigment:

    Then we cut the crease with black/dark eyeshadow, I used UD Oil Slick:

    And put some dark to the lower outer corner, and silver to your lower inner  corner:

     I added some color and depth by adding Ben Nye's Cosmic Blue in outer and inner parts of the lid, leaving the middle of the lid silver:

    Then line the eye, I used MAC Blacktrack fluidline on waterline and MAC Blitz & Glitz as an upper liner:

    Then add mascara, and you're (theoretically) ready!


     But because it's me doing, I'm not gonna just do it, I'm gonna OVERDO it!

    Start adding small rhinestones (mine are nail rhinestones) to your lid. Attach them with ie. lash glue:

    Finally you should have something like this:


    Buuuut, because it's New Year, I wanted even more sparkle!
    So I added Make Up Store's Scorpio glitter:



    And then it was ready, and I could fool aroundwith my new mask:


    And last but not least, my EOTD:

    Sorry, no better pics this time :P

    Anyway, one more time:


Queen of shopping

    Whoa, what is this, forth day in a row that I'm posting? Wohoo, quite cool! :D

    I was at the "after-christmas-sales" yesterday, and I almost DIED when I went to a store called Kicks.
    They had bunch of Make Up Store makeup and stuff on sale, -30% to -50%.
    And the best thing (well, worst to my wallet) was that they had Make Up Store's fantasy lashes on sale ;_;

    They still weren't free, so I had to narrow my choices to just three pairs.
    I chose Queen, Glam and Punk.

    Here's some photos:

    The boxes. I think they are cool too, so smooth and slick!

     Glam. I've been wanting these since forever or something :D

    Queen. These are just overkill, but every girl need a pair of overkill lashes, right? Right?

    Punk. These are sort of a tribute to my old lashes that broke when I did my Aurora Borealis makeup. They were just plain black though.  I'm really not sure aboutthe whole neon green thing, but that can be arranged :3

    And I just HAD to try them instantly. Note that I'm not using any glue on the lashes, so if they look funny, it's because of that:

    Queen. What an effect! Like whoa, a spider leg eye! Total overkill! :D

    Punk. I just love those little feather thingies.

    Glam. I don't know, I instantly think of owls and bambies and birds when I see these. I love the pattern on the lashes.

    Then I bought the cutest bag-thing ever! I really don't know what I'm gonna do with it, but it was cute and love and cheap and PURPLE <3:

    I also bought a mask:

    I hope we'l lbe seeing it soon in some of my creations!

    I also bought a feather fan, but I was way too lazy to photograph it too :D It' black, it's a fan and it has feathers in it :D

    Then I made some experiments with the Queen -lashes:

    And some really creepy s*it:

    I love those lashes <3

    And then my today's makeup, again done with UD palette's:

    Sellout, Haf Baked, Twice Baked, Polyester Bride anf Oil Slick.

    Apparently my year is not changing in the best way, we just found out that my husband's salary is gonna drop radically, so I need to find a job FAST.Anyone got a job for me, preferably in Finland, ASAP? KTHXBYE *g*


    So, okay, something exciting happened to me yesterday!

    Postman brought me a package from US, and for a moment I was really confused, since I didn't remember ordering anything.

    In the package there was 9 pairs of Revlon's Fantasy Lengths false lashes, and as a bonus a pack of their Runway Collection false nails too!

    Why did I get them? 'Cos Janet Lai from Revlon contacted me, and wanted me to try them. Of course I wanna try (free) lashes, duh!:D

    But anyway, here's what I got.


    Flirty with glue:

    Flirty self-adhesive :



    Blue Shadow:

     Runway Collection nails, "Mystic":

    I haven't really tried the lashes yet, but I'll let you know how they are as soon as I got time to try them on. But the nails are nice, glue keeps them in place very well.


    Today I wanted to do gold/black makeup, but I ended up using MAC Brushed Metal-X Gold Spice, which is maybe a bit more bronze than gold, but anyway. I also used Make Up Store Gold Dust and MSCHIC Mineral Matte Black:




    Hello everyone!

    I made something more colorful today, and I also took step by tep pics how to do it.

    So I hope you find this useful!

    Here's the result:

    And full face:


    You need:

    MAC Blackground paint pot
    Urban Decay Shattered e/s
    Urban Decay Jinx e/s
    Urban Decay Last Call e/s
    Urban Decay Oil Slick e/s

    Urban Decay Polyester Bride
    Urban Decay Sin e/s
    MAC Blacktrack fluidline
    Mascara of your choice


    First you put MAC Blackground paint pot to your lid:

     Then add UD Shattered and Jinx on top of the Blackground:

    Then blend UD Last Call above the crease, almost up to brow:

     BlendLast Call with UD Sin, add Polyester Bride to highlight, and a hint of Oil Slick to crease:

    Add Oil Slick and Shattered to your lower lashline. Then line your upper lashline and waterline with MAC Blacktrack:

    Then add mascara, and you're done!

    Sorry about the bad pics, I'm still struggling with my camera's flash.

    And btw, lipstick is MAC Hue mixed with MAC Sandy B.

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