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    • E.L.F Mineral Infused Primer
    • MAC & MUFE concealers
    • Lancome Teint Miracle
    • Urban Decay  cream highlighter Sin
    • E.l.f. Candid Coral blush
    • MUFE Sculpting kit

    • Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
    • MUFE #02 -inner corner
    • MUFE #83 - outer corner
    • MUFE#92 - crease, outer corner, lower lashline
    • MUFE #09 - blending
    • MUFE #101 - highlight
    • Black gel liner
    • E.l.f. glitter liner Stardust
    • Mascara
    • Ardell InvisiBand Fairies 
    • NYX Circe
    Jewelry from eBay :)

Third Elf from the left

    Time for my third e.l.f. order!
    This time I got lashcurler, blush, eye primer, Ivory gel liner and Innocent Nail polish as a free gift.
    Eye primer is not in the picture, I totally forgot it. I'll review it later.

    First the most horrible thing ever:
    Mechanical Eyelash Curler

    They sure do look nice and sturdy, BUT:

    Apparently nobody has bothered to smooth the sharp metal parts! I just can't put these even near to my eye, it hurts way too much.
    1,7 euros thrown away.

    Stay away from these, unless you want to get cuts on your eyelids.

    Then the gel liner.

    This is quite same as the Gunmetal one.
    It seems to stay put quite well, but doesn't stick on my waterline.

    Then the blush.
    I actually got this one, because it was said to be close dupe to NARS Orgasm. I still don't know how Orgasm looks like, but this fits the image I have of it.

    My first try with this was bit of dissappointing, because this isn't the most pigmented blush. But with little work you'll get a nice, natural peachy gold glow on your cheeks.

    And finally he freebie that turned out to be the best thing in this order.
    It's the BEST nude polish I have tried. Other have been too pink, blue, yellow, dark or light to my skin, but this one works perfectly <3

    And since this still is supposed to be makeup blog (not just review/swatch blog), here's my today's look, done with MAC Teal & Vanilla pigments, Papaeazz-she eyeshadow, Undercurrent liner and MUFE 12L liner:

The Birth of Venus


    I have sooo much to update, I got my third E.L.F. order, my first Avon order, My Beauty Diary masks, Benefit That Gal primer... And of course recent makeup looks.

    But I'll start with the best thing, makeup & photoshoot with a friend, who was kind enough to act as my model <3
    (This one is quite heavily photoshopped, but the rest are just lightened etc)
     I love using her as makeup model because of her eyes. They are just STUNNING. Don't you just have to agree?


    • E.L.F Mineral Infused Primer
    • MAC & MUFE concealers
    • Lancome Teint Miracle + Joe Blasco foundation
    • Urban Decay  cream highlighter Sin
    • MAC Her Own Devices blush
    • Joe Blasco Shading powder

    • Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
    • MUFE #83 - lid 
    • MUFE #28 - blending, above & over #40, lower lashline
    • MUFE#40 - crease, outer corner 
    • MUFE #03 & #101 - highlight, inner corner 
    • MAC Pearlglide liner Undercurrent - upper & lower lashline 
    • MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil 12L - waterline
    • Mascara
    • Ardell InvisiBand Fairies 
    • MSCHIC lipliner (shade name missing)
    • MAC Creme D'Nude
    PS. is working again! Though my blog isn't readable there, there's a small, unfinished portfolio-ish and small bio. What do you think?

Elffing around

    I got my second E.L.F. order today.
    I'm not exactly screaming for joy when it comes to E.L.F. My US readers may ask why, and I'll explain the reason.
    For example, on e.l.f.'s US site Mineral Infused Face Primer  is $6 , which is about 4,5 euros. On UK site, it's £6, which is something over 7 euros. So it's almost double the price. Sure it's still cheap, compared to other cosmetic prices, but :/
    Also, e.l.f.'s UK site rarely offers any god promotions, unlike their US site.

    I got myself another Mineral Infuced Face Primer, Liquid glitterliner in Stardust and Cream Eyeliner in Gunmetal:

    First the cream liner.

    It' deep metallic gray gel liner:

    You'll also het a brush with it:
    Compared to "real" eyeliner brushes this is piece of  plastic s*it, but if you don't own a specific brush, this works just fine. It's not too hard or too wide or anything.
    I was trying to wipe the swatches off by hand (usually cream products come off that way), but didn't move anywhere. So the staying power is really nice.
    But on bad side, it won't stick/stay on my waterline :(

    Here's swatches:

    Then the liquid liner.
    I'm not really sure why I ordered this in the first place, but here it is.
    Usually don't like glitter liners, they tend to hurt and make my eyes water big time.

    This was actually kinda suprise, it didn't hurt! It also gives a decent amount of glitter:


    Then I played with my new goodies a bit:

    Here's e.l.f. Gunmetal cream liner on upper lashline and waterline:

    Bobby Brown Iris on lid, and e.l.f. Stardust liquidline on top of  Gunmetal

    Mascara added:

    Ben Nye Azalea on crease and above it:

    I'll also include my e.l.f. nail polishes in this post:

    I'm still working with my big nail post, as well as my big face primer post and big eye primer posts... :D

Bobby Brown Sandwash palette pics & swatches

    I got this palette a while back, and here's some pics and swatches:

    Palette it self is really small:

    Pigtured with regular (small) sized MAC shadow

    Shadows are beautiful, but a bit too light and similar to each other. But if you want mostly some shine, not really color, this works great:

     And swatches:

    I like the pure white one, it's great for highlight, and the gold/purple nest to it is great too. I think that the peachy ones are maybe a bit too similar to each other.

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