The big Sigma brush post


    I get a lots of questions about my brushes, and as I have maybe stated earlier, I use mainly Sigma brushes. If there is somehing better, I don't know about it, and as long as I don't know about it, everything is fine, and I continue to love my Sigma brushes. :D

    This post originally started as a review post of Make Me Crazy kit and Extravaganza body brush, but ended up writing quite a lot about brushes generally.

    But try not to mind that it smells a bit like review, it's part of it's purpose :D

    Sigma Make Me Crazy brush kit:

    (Photo from Sigma website)

    I love it how it turns into two brush holders. It's easy to pack with you, if you have to take brushes along with you somewhere.
    I also love the color of the brushes (though I maybe wouldn't quite call this purple, more fuchia maybe?) but anyway. Colored brushes = Yay!

    Let's see what the tube has eaten:

    Face brushes:

    F30   ----   SS150
    I rarely use powder, and if I do, I use my TokiDoki Kabuki. But I have tried these too (these seem to be almost identical), and they seem quite alright. They're quite soft, quite sturdy, quite fluffy.

    F40   ----   SS168  ---  F84
    I loved using  SS168 to contouring my cheeks (to my eye F40 is basically identical) until I tried Sigma's F84 angled kabuki. It's sturdier than F40 or SS168, and I get more flawless application with it.

    F50 ------ SS187
    I can't really say anything about skunks, since I've never really gotten the point of these. I have TRIED to apply my foundation (I don't get it even), powder (not the right amount), blushes (usually too much).. So I just don't have any opinion of these.

    F60   --------  SS190
    I mainly use my fingertips to apply foundation, so I haven't really used these either. If I apply foundation for someone else, I use Sonia Kashuk's foundation brush.
    These are quite similar to each other, F60 might be a bit softer than SS190.

    SS194    ------  F70

    Confession time! I apply my concealer with fingertips, so I use these to apply creamy eye products like paint pots, cream shadows etc. And they work great for that! Again, these are really similar to each other.

    Eye brushes:
     E10 -------   E05  --------  SS209
     This is quite the same as Sigma's previous one, SS209. At first I loved SS209, I thought this was the best brush for lining ever.After that I have found several (bit better) brushes for lining, and the best so far is Sigma's E10 (Small eyeliner brush from travel kit). But this is OK if you don't aim for super thin lines. If you want THIN brush, go for E10.

    SS219 --- E30
    Bristles are a bit longer than in SS219. That's OK, since the brush is still as accurate as it was. For me, this is the best brush for defining crease. I love it. Both new and  old.

    E40 -------   SS224 ------- E45

    Again, E40 has a bit longer and fluffier bristles that SS224 had. It's not that accurate as SS224, but it works like a dream if you have to blend large areas. My ultimate favourite is still Sigma's E45 (SMALL tapered brush from travel kit), which is great both for detailed blending and larger blending.

    SS239 ------------- E55 ---------- E50
     I GUESS this is the old SS239. E55 is wider and softer, not as sturdy as SS239. I loved SS239, it was quite perfect for applying loose shadows, it was easy to pack enough shadow to the brush. E55 doesn't work quite as well.
    However, if you're looking for a good brush to apply shadow really easily to your lid, I'd suggest you get Sigma E50. It's a bit larger than SS239 or E55, but it's (IMO) the best of the bunch. Large enough, sturdy enough, and you can pack enough shadow to it.

    SS252   -------- E60
    So, large shader. You know, it's quite funny when I stated year and a half ago that this was one of my favourites. I don't know what exactly happened, but I really haven't found much use for this anymore. Sure it's nice for applying shadow, but I rather use E50/E55. So it's nice, but for me quite useless.
    And as you can see from the comparison pic, it has grown quite a bit. It's now more fluffier, but it doesn't really change the situation :P

    SS 266 ----- E65
    Hmm. I don't quite know what to say about these either. To my taste they are too large for lining the eye, and too small to use as brow brush. SS266 is a bit sturdier since it has more bristles I think. I guess that if you have thin brows, or you prefer natural looking brows (instead of drawn looking, like I do), this might be a good brow brush. Or if you prefer angled brush for lining.

    I had SS275, but sadly I lost it somehow. This is GREAT brush for highlighting brow bone, you won't get too much or not enough color. Just the right amount.


    Couple other brushes from Sigma that I love:
    Synthetic Face Kit  aka. Flat Top Kabuki F80 , Round Top Kabuki F82 and
    Angled Top Kabuki F84

    F84 is perfect for contouring, as I earlier said.
    F82 is totally, absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T for wiping off excess shadow from cheek bones. No really, it is! Sure it's also great for applying powder products for face, but it wipes perfectly away all the fallen shadow <3<3 Best thing ever! :D

    Brush sets in a nutshell:

    •  So, if you want full set of sweet colored brushes with holder and carrying bag, get set from Sigma's Make Me Up collection. Set is available in 4 colors; Turquoise, Pink, Black or Purple.
    • If you are looking for a great set of quality brushes without any extra accessories, go with Complete Brush Kit.
    • And if you don't want to spend too much money, but still want awesome brushes, get Premium Travel Kit.
    • For three awesome face brushes Synthetic Face Kit is a great choice.

    For my previous post about Sigma brushes, check this ancient post:

    Extravaganza Body Brush:

    Sigma also offers a bit of luxury to our day. Or how does supersoft body brush with 18k gold sound?
    Check out Sigma's B05 Body Brush Extravaganza:

    The brush itself is large, soft and beautiful. Like said, bristles are natural, and they are really soft. I just love how soft it feels
    Did I already mention that it's really soft? xD

    No really. It feels luxurious!

    Goooooold! :D

    Soft.. :3

    A word of warning,: it really is BIG and quite heavy.

    Many people don't really need body brush (I guess!), but if you sometime want to really pamper yourself, don't do it without this &lt;3

    PS. It's soft!


    Phew! That's it!

    Next task: post some makeup photos :P

Tutorial: Later, my Silverwear

    This is an OLD look that I just remembered :D

    Products used:
    MAC Later pigment
    MAC Silverwear eyeshadow (from Tartan Tale palette)
    Black eyeliner

    As always, base your eye with your favourite primer:

    Use MAC Later pigment foiled on the lower lashline:

    Smudge the lower lashline with MAC Later:

    Define your crease with MAC Later pigment. Do small wing to outer corner:

    Smudge that one too:

    Fill the lid and highlight with MAC Silverwear eyeshadow. Use it also between the wings you made (You can use a bit of white pencil too, ie. NYX jumbo pencil Milk under Silverwear, if you wish it to pop more):

    Apply heavy eyeliner to both upper lashline and waterline. Remember the wing:

    Finish with mascara:


Drag me through nails


    I've been trying to be creative lately :P
    A friend of mine went to Bling Bling party, and he wanted to go as overdone drag queen. :D

    Inspiration was this huuuuge yellow/orange headpiece he had, so I made makeup to fit that.

    His "soul patch" (the beard thingie) was a lot lighter, but we decided to darken it to make the look more... more... um... well to make it look MORE :D

    Of course I had to do drag look for myself too :D
    "If it's worth doing, it worth overdoing" ;D

    Then I got some new nail stuff (fimos, new fauxnad plates), and I've gone a bit crazy with my nails lately :3
     I think I have to make a post about nail art stuff too, I have stuff to review etc :P

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