My black diamond

    Hi everyone!

    I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have only one thing to blame:
    Fallout: New Vegas :3

    I haven't really consentrated to makeup lately, but here's some of my recent looks:

    Here's my yesterday's look (I took the black diamonds and stuff off before going out), done with AMAZING Kat von D palette:

    I've used Kat von D palette also on this one, Taxidermy, Peanut, Hollywood and Tijuana, and redemption at lower lashline:

    With my new wig!

    Then one older look with Sugarpill Stellar:
    And NYX Cream on lips:

    And one more older look, done with my new favourite silver/gray eyeshadow, Geekchic Gray Matter:

    And my recent nails:

Coming up

    Just a quick post to tell that I'm still alive :D

Tutorial: Sad, but wicked geisha doll


    And it's tutorial time again!

    It's the wicked geisha look I mentioned in my previous post.
    I'm a bit tired and not feeling so well, so try not to mind all the typos and weird descriptions and all :P

    I used:
    Sugarpill Dollipop (pink)
    Sugarpill Love+ (red)
    Sugarpill Bulletproof (black)
    Sugarpill Taco (white)
    Sugarpill Poison Plum (purple)
    Black eyeliner

     Start with white base. Cover your eyebrows too:

    Use bright pink and for example piece of paper to do sharp edges to cheeks:

    Take bright red color and create another sharp edgeto about the hight of you brows, and fill the space between pink and red, so it looks gradient:

    Use pink and red again to make "brows" a little bit above your real brows:

     Extend the pink to the side of your nose.
    Then start shaping the eyeshadow:

    I'm sorry, I totally forgot to take pictures from this step, but I'll try to explain.

    After shaping the inner part of the eye with black, use purple for blending. Then take some pink to blend the purple.
    Then apply red to your outer half of the lid as pictured:

    Extend the shape with black, and a bit more pink to above crease:

     Make quite thick black liner to half lower lashline:

    Then line your eye ewith liquid liner, do wings both outer and  inner corner:

    Then lips. Use red liner to do small lips, and add some pink in the middle:

    Then make eyebrows (I used liquid liner), add white to waterline, and add mascara:

    And finally apply false lashes, I used  Marlliss 032 on upper lashline, and Elise Faux Eyelashes #452 on lower lashline:

    Finish with wig, and done!

    And with glasses :D

    And with my son:

    And guess what?

    I'm gonna continue the theme, next look is this!

Sugar for the pink Queen!


    See how hard I try to be creative?

    I've done several x-treme look lately :D
    This was done mainly because I wanted to use my pink wig:

    Lashes are again from Madame Madelaine, both upper and lower lashes. And yes, you saw right, they are nail stickers ;D

    Then my today's look with Sugarpill Darling, Stella and Midori:

     Yesterday I was wearing something bright, Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Midori and Afterparty:

    And I almost forgot!

    Remember my Red Queen look?

    Amy used that look as an inspiration to make a beautiful card, and she was so sweet that she sent one for me!
    Check it out:

    I think it's always an honor to be inspiration to someone, but especially these kind of things are just way too awesome!
    Thank you Amy! <3

    Also, did an article of me with an interview, check it out here:
    You might want to use google translator :D

    And coming up:
    Wicked Geisha look with Sugarpill, and possibly a tutorial too!

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